Benefits of EE Tool

  • Robust Database
  • Current Trends in EEMs
  • Energy Savings Potential
  • Energy Efficiency Investment
  • Estimate Energy Savings
  • Sectoral Benchmarks
  • Logic Driven Recommendations
  • Performance Evaluation of EEMs
  • Feasibility of EE Measures
  • Overview of EEMs in Loan Proposals

Based on the information available from IGDPRs, ICRs and M&V Reports for a number of Units, a Master Database has been created and a Tool has been developed to access this information.

The EE Assessment tool can be useful to MSMEs for preliminary assessment, and understanding their equipments'/ utilities' performance and identifying the measures towards Energy Efficiency so that these MSMEs can further go in for detailed assessment & implementations of the same.

This tool will also help Bankers to do the preliminary assessment of Energy Efficiency Equipments / measures for getting an estimated Energy & Cost savings from EE measures mentioned in loan proposal. Bankers may also further suggest suitable measures to their MSME customers based on available information in the EE tool.